Patient Testimonials

My slogan for them would be ‘Haydel Spine and Pain – Providing Help With A Heart’

I have been coming to Dr. Haydel’s office (Haydel Spine & Pain Center) for about 4-5 months and this place is great. I came here for knee pain (severe) and since coming, my quality of life has gotten a whole lot better. I can do more now than I could before coming here. His staff is amazing and always has an ear to listen and give feedback. They treat you like a person not just a patient to move along like on an assembly line. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of help with pain.

– George H.

grandfather with 2 small grandkids on lap

I am deeply grateful for the kindness and compassion that the staff and Dr. Haydel demonstrates.

I have suffered with chronic pain for almost 20 years. In 1998 a truck hit me, head on and changed my life forever. I learned to deal with my limitations and change my entire life to accommodate my constant unrelenting pain. What I was most surprised and hurt by was the lack of understanding and sympathy by the professionals I came across. I am deeply grateful for the kindness and compassion that the staff and Dr. Haydel demonstrates. Each interaction I have with them, rather than assuming that I am seeking pain for recreation, they are professional, and helpful. Dr. Haydel’s knowledge of alternatives for treatment have benefited me greatly! I hate needing medicine. It helps having a place that makes it easier to bear.

– Victoria B.

The office is wonderful!

I’m 65 years old and I’ve have been coming to this office for about 2 years. I have osteoporosis. I come to the clinic to take a Prolia shot. My last visit I received great news…..the medicine is working! I’m so pleased!

– Regina B.

Everyone is so nice. They take their time with you.

I have been coming to the Haydel Spine Pain & Wellness Center for about 2 years. Everyone is so nice. They always have smiles on their faces. When you’re at the age I am, they explain to me about how to take my medications. All the doctors help and look out for their patients. Its just like one big family. The service is very very good. I would not go anywhere else but here.

– Glenda H.

From pain ranging a 10 down to zero!

I highly recommend Dr. Haydel and the Haydel Spine Pain and Wellness Center. I was having lower back pain and had an injection which relieved me the minute I left the surgery center!

– Patricia G.

I highly recommend anyone with serious back pain to come visit Dr. Haydel.

I have been through the gauntlet of pain medication with other doctors prescribing strong pain medication so strong I could not stay awake and function a daily job or life. Dr. Haydel got me off all that medication and got my life back and job in order while taking care of my birth defect in lower back. He is a great man as well as a great doctor. I know he will do what is best for you.

– Aurelie P.

Thanks for the past five years. I was treated amazingly. I am off of all pain medication and I feel great!

– Mary S.